About Us


Flexion Fitness Gym opened its doors in July 2016. Our ethos is to provide a friendly gym encouraging health and fitness in all walks and stages of life. Exercise has been proven to help reduce the risk of multiple diseases and is recognised in improving mental health and reducing stress. Here at flexion we aim to assist you on your fitness journey, to enable you to set and achieve realistic goals and have fun while doing it.

The?team?at Flexion come from a range of backgrounds and are always here to help you with anything that you need. Our customers are always at the forefront of our mind and that is why we have fantastic facilities including male/female showering and changing facilities for those on a tight time schedule.

At the front entrance of our gym you will see our shake bar, which offers our very own fresh protein smoothies, healthy treats, snacks, pre-workouts, amino acids and coffee.

All classes are provided for by trained professionals and are carried out in our newly refurbished classroom. More information on classes can be found in the?classes section.

Some people find that classes do not suit. This can be for arrange of reasons and if this is you that is not a problem. We have plenty of other facilities available for you to use. Within our team we have devoted personal trainers willing to motivate you to achieve your fitness goals.

Personal training is a brilliant way of getting to know the equipment within the gym along with teaching you proper technique which is essential in building muscles and preventing damage. When exercising regularly it is important to work the muscles and rest. One of the ways Flexion provides this is through offering sports massage to all clients. For more information please visit the?sports massage section?of our website.

Flexion is easily accessible due to its location in Annesborough Industrial Estate, Lurgan near the M1 motorway. We strive for the best for our customers and provide free car parking on site.

Here at Flexion we constantly are thinking of ways to improve our service for our customers, we endeavour to see people achieve their fitness goals if you have any suggestions at all our are thinking about joining us please do not hesitate to email.