Member Success Story : Mark

I went to Andrew looking to burn some fat, get a little leaner and then build some muscle… I’d become lazy after an injury and my diet wasn’t good. Energy levels were low. My weight was around 13.5 and I wanted to get down to around 12.6, but I also wanted to learn more about the gym, as I’d never been a regular member before, or lifted weights properly.
We decided to do a 6 week programme, and Andrew provided me with a nutritional plan for the 6 weeks which would help with the training. We spent around 3-4 hours a week in the gym mainly focusing on weight training with some cardio added in, and I noticed the weight coming off quite quickly with the diet and the training combined. Energy levels lifted, and felt myself being more alert in work etc. After the first 4 weeks we started lifting heavier weights and could see a change in my body shape with some definition which I’d never really had before.
Overall I was really happy with the results, and what I learnt over the 6 weeks. I would recommend Andrew to anyone looking to achieve something similar to what I was looking. It’s always better when someone is pushing you, and he’s definitely very good at his job when it comes to pushing you and getting results. Results might have been better if I hadn’t of raided the sweets jar and the takeaway the odd time!