The pictures say it all!

Here’s what Selina had to say after training with Andrew…

I started training with Andrew just over a year ago and I haven’t looked back! It started with one hour session a week with my daughter and with the help of Andrew I was able to build up my confidence to go on my own. I had only ever been to the gym to do classes and had no experience with heavy weights but personal training has taught me techniques and helped me achieve goals that I never thought was possible. From the beginning Andrew provided me with weigh ins, diet plans, measurements etc and always encouraged me even when the results might not have been what I hoped for, but he always encouraged me to look at the bigger picture which is exactly what I needed.

Given COVID-19 this year and the gyms being closed, I wasn’t sure how I was going to maintain progress but thankfully Workout on Demand came along! Andrew was able to assign me home workouts and check in easily with me each week. All the exercises had video demonstrations and I was able to follow the workout in real time with the help of its in built timers and rep counters. I could keep track of my progress, weight and body measurements as well as progress pictures. The app managed to keep me motivated and it meant that my progress didn’t slow down during lockdown. I would encourage anyone who requires some additional motivation to use these programs, they were excellent! It was personalised to meet my goals and was structured around the equipment or lack of equipment that I had at home which was very useful.

In the space of just over a year and even with not having access to the gym or classes for almost 4 months of it I am 3 stone down and have lost 13 inches in total! I am delighted with the results and the support I have received from Andrew and the staff at Flexion Fitness throughout. The online element of coaching is great and I would definitely recommend!